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Artist Helen Kishkurno

   Welcome to the virtual gallery of Ukrainian artist Helen Kishkurno! You have got opportunity to have a look at the creative works in the portrait genre, landscape painting, still-life painting. Besides Elena Kishkurno paints Orthodox icons, makes wall painting, the restoration of works of art.

Spring is Coming
Spring is Coming. Oil on canvas.

   Helen Kishkurno studied at the Kharkiv Art College, then at the Kharkiv Academy of Design and Art for the specialization Restoration of easel and monumental painting. Since 1999, Ms. Kishkurno participated in a number of the national and foreign exhibitions. Besides, she had several personal exhibitions. Helen Kishkurno is a Member of the National Artists' Union of Ukraine since 2005.

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  ”Having restorers education, I am an artist by vocation: I paint landscapes, still-life, portraits. Most of all I can be inspired by nature and people, so different and unlike.”



- Landscape
- Still life
- Seascape
- Cityscape
- Genre painting

Still life

  The portrait painted in oil is unusual present which may keep the best remarkable moments, unique images, bringing them back and making them real, alive, true for us!


Lady in White
Alexander Yaroslavsky
Valentina Grizodubova

  An icon is a book about faith, a prayer which is expressed in image. It is only meant for the believer facing the icon in a prayer. Its purpose is to assist the prayer. The icon reveals a dogmatic, moral and liturgical the teaching of the Church by language of lines and colors. You may purchase the icon after preliminary order.


Assuage My Sorrows
Life-giving Spring

  You can find out how to purchase a painting or an icon, commission a portrait or wall painting on the page Delivery and payment.

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