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Artist Helen Kishkurno

Icon Painting

   An icon is a book about faith, a prayer which is expressed in image. It is only meant for the believer facing the icon in a prayer. Its purpose is to assist the prayer. The icon reveals a dogmatic, moral and liturgical the teaching of the Church by language of lines and colors.

   Technique of icon painting is very difficult and peculiar. Subsequence of this process has been forming within ages and age-long experience is used nowadays as well. Most often the icon is painted on a board in the Byzantine style, egg tempera technique and natural colorants are applied.

   You may purchase the icon after preliminary order.

   You can commission the Orthodox icon:

   There are possible variants of icon painting:

   Gold coating of icons background and nimbus is possible.

   The icons painted by Helen Kishkurno by individual orders and by orders of orthodox temples of Ukraine are given below.

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