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   Probably, each of us had a wish to present the loved one a portrait painted by the artist's hand in oil. The portrait painted in oil is unusual present which may keep the best remarkable moments, unique images, bringing them back and making them real, alive, true for us!

   A portrait painted in oil by photo is good because one may not come to the artist’s studio, sit for a portrait for a long time, you need only select high-quality photos. It is possible to make some changes according to your wish: to refresh hair-do, to smooth wrinkles a bit, to change the color and shape of clothes, etc. If you decided to commission a portrait in oil, it is better to do it in advance. Portrait from photo is painted on canvas, frame and delivery are not included into the price.

   Painting a portrait from photo is a difficult process as it is necessary for the painter to express not only similarity of appearance, to choose the proper effects of light and shade and picturesque features of the portrait, but also to feel the inner world, the nature of the person to be painted. Therefore, the better and bigger a photo for a portrait will be the easier for an artist to paint a portrait from photo in oil.

   All you need to do for commissioning a portrait is to bring or send high-quality photos or other images that you would like to be on canvas. There are following requirements for a photo: facial features should be clearly seen on the photo, especially eyes, the photo’s size should be no less than 1000x1000px. It is desirable for the person on the photo to be in the same posture and to wear the same clothes in which you want him to be on the portrait. Posture changing, head’s turning, the location of the hands, changes in clothes (except for the portraits in clothes from another century) makes the painter’s work complicated and leads to additional time spending. The cost for the above mentioned changes should be stipulated separately and equals not less than 20% of the cost of the portrait.

   In 2008 I created a number of portraits for the National gallery of the outstanding Ukrainians’ portraits “The Ukrainians in the world”, exhibited in the Ukrainian House, Kyiv. Here below some of these portraits are presented.

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